FUSE: verb
Combine, put together, join, blend, merge, meld, mingle, integrate, intermix, intermingle, and coalesce.


A Need:
The idea that inspired the founding of FUSE was the recognition of a need. We observed a gap between the way architecture and interior design were carried out and communicated with each other during the process of design and building in everyday practice.

Our Answer:
Our intention in creating FUSE architecture + interior was to fuse architecture and interior design in a way that completely removed the gap between the two disciplines. Bringing together experienced designers with focused skill sets in both architecture and interior design has allowed FUSE to craft an integrated approach where a project is considered in its entirety from the outset. This avoids the miscommunication and mistakes that can occur due to the separation of these disciplines.

How It Works:
Employing overlapping design, methods, products and technologies allows FUSE to attain its goal of providing efficient, elegant spaces that connect people with their environment while also being considerate of resource and energy use. Questions that typically arise too late in the traditional un-fused project process are brought to the table early in the collaborative team approach employed by FUSE saving project time and client resources.
Collaboration, communication and creativity are the key elements of the FUSE design creation process.

FUSE understands the importance of functioning as part of a team. We respect our design and building partners and fully understand the valuable input that can be brought to the table by all members of the team.

As each client and project are unique, asking questions and clarifying and listening well to understand, synthesize, and craft individual solutions supporting client wishes are at the heart of our process.

The heart in every project is created by enthusiasm and a curious, creative spirit that each of us has. At FUSE we are designers because we love the process of creating the best product and experience for the client. The process of realizing a dream should be as pleasant as the finished dream. 
Architecture and interior design are the only arts that people inhabit. The art is in crafting spaces that accept and accentuate living. We strive to strengthen the connection between art and use.

Our commitment to service and excellence in our work has led to long term relationships with multiple repeat clients as well as client and builder referrals.

FUSE architecture + interior was established in October, 2013.